Cognac Vintage Leather Strap

High-Quality calf leather strap in cognac with whip stitching. The unique vintage leather creates a casual, rugged look, with whip stitching. Like all fine leather products, it ages with the owner to create a unique patina. This is, quite simply, an amazingly beautiful strap. The more you use it the more beautiful it gets.

Unlike other straps that uses another material to line the back to cut cost and labor. Evant leather straps are made from one full piece of leather starting from the front to the back. This translate to better durability and aesthetics.

Handmade In Germany and with Evant branding.
Length: 82/114mm

Suitable For Mode: Decodiver
Color: Cognac
Material: Vintage Calf leather
Thickness: 3mm
Width(Strap/Buckle): 22/18 mm