The Devil Is In The Details


How can anyone resist a Diver Watch?

Diver watches very much helped shaped mechanical watches. Any decent watch brand from R*lex to S*iko would have included a diver in their line up and often its their star attraction.Without the submariner, R*lex wouldn't be where it is today. In our honest opinion, it is the most practical watch. You can strap it on and never have to take it of your wrist unless you wanted to. 

Case Finishing, Dial and Hands Design

 Perfect Proportion On The Wrist

The Tropic Diver Fume Blue is offered with an exquisite hand polished case. The lugs are chamfered to fit seamlessly with wrist contours.

Improved Bakelite Ceramic

Before we go onto our bezel, let us explain more on Bakelite. Bakelite is a material used in early plastic that is light weight, durable and can be molded into infinite shapes. It was used as a substitute for aluminum bezel inserts on watches. What makes Bakelite attractive is its shine. We absolutely adore the shine of Bakelite but the possibility of scratching it turns us off.

Domed Bakelite Ceramic Bezel with Luminous

Drawing experience from our first model, we managed to improved the blend of ceramic and luminous application. The new Tropic Diver Fume Blue's raised convex bezel insert is fabricated from a special blend of ceramic finished with luminous minimalist indices. The new bezel insert has a more appealing curvature and a luminous application that is more resilient to the element. Now everyone can enjoy a “bakelite” bezel and not having to worry about scratching it!


The 120 click uni-direction rotating bezel features half knurling to accommodate the bigger dial opening and not sacrificing on the excellent grip achieved by a combination of fine machining and hand polishing.

Water Resistance

Your average diver watch is equipped with a 200m water resistance. The Tropic Diver 300 is water resistant to 300m and still manages a relative low profile of 14mm with a flushed case back ensuring a comfortable fit on the wrist. All watches have been tested to withstand 32 atmosphere worth of pressure on industrial machine.

Strictly Mechanical

Swiss Made ETA2824-2 Automatic Movement
 Swiss Made ETA2824-2 Automatic Movement

Why did we decide on a mechanical movement? A basic mechanical movement is assembled together with over 100 parts made with precision engineering. The fact that engineers and watchmakers were able to calculate and develop a device of miniature proportions capable of telling time more the 200 years ago never fails to fascinate. Moreover mechanical movements are self powered and will never need a battery change.

Go Swiss or Go Home

Ticking inside the Tropic Diver 300 is the Swiss Made ETA2824-2 automatic movement. Why Swiss movement you might ask? The movement is like the engine of a automobile, choose the right engine and you will be able to enjoy trouble free driving. Choose the right movement and you will be able to enjoy accurate timing, reliable power reserve and hassle free maintenance.

Go Swiss Or Go Home
 Go Swiss Or Go Home

Various movements were selected and tested for accuracy, power reserve, resistance to shock and impact. The final contenders were narrowed down to Citizen's 9015 (Japan), Seiko Instrument's NH 35A (Japan) and ETA's 2824-2 (Swiss). The Swiss-Made ETA2824-2 outshine the rest with it's stellar performance. Moreover ETA only supplies movements to reputable manufacturers that adhere to its strict requirements. Only “Elabore” grade movements are used for Evant. One can expect an accuracy variation of +/- 10 seconds with a minimum power reserve of 38 hours.

Sapphire Crystal

The crystal is the most exposed part of the watch and often the first point of impact. That is why it is important to fabricate it with the best materials and in this case, sapphire. The sapphire crystal glass used on the Tropic Diver 300 is 3mm thick and domed. Further enhancement were made with anti-reflecting treatment done beneath it.


 Evant Signed Screwdown Crown With Easy Grip

The crown of the watch allows us to engage different settings and serves as protection from moisture and other elements. The screw-down 6.5 mm signed crown locks and unlock with ease and fluted for maximum grip.


Blue BGW9 Super-LumiNova was chosen for the Tropic Diver Fume Blue. Multiple coats were applied for adequate night vision in dark environments.

BGW9 SuperLuminova on the Tropic Diver Fume Blue

A Different Strap For Every Occasion

Leather Straps Handmade In Italy
 Leather Straps; Handmade In Italy

We wanted the Tropic Diver 300 to be versatile so we compared and curated over a 1000 strap options from bracelets, NATOs and rubber straps and finally we are proud to inform you that the watch will be fitted with not 1 but 3 straps which includes a standard NATO strap, plus 2 leather.

The leather used for the deep ocean turquoise strap was tailor-made for Tropic Diver Fume Blue. This strap was made in limited numbers due to the special color to match the fume blue dial. 

  • Black Military Grade Nylon NATO Strap (Made with the best Nylon and 316L stainless steel hardware) – Perfect for any water activity. 250mm long.
  • Handmade Naturally Aged Brown Leather Strap (Saddle stitched leather with natural tanning agents) – Perfect for a corporate profile at the boardroom meeting
Length: 75mm/120mm; Thickness: 4mm.
  • Handmade Deep Ocean Turquoise Leather Strap (Saddle stitched leather with natural tanning agents) – Perfect for a smart causal profile sipping latte at the cafe. Length: 75mm/120mm; Thickness: 4mm.


The iconic masculine 20mm signed tang buckle also went through some improvement this time round. It is slightly elongated for a more ergonomically curved to give a flushed fit and provides total security on the wrist.

 Improved Evant Signed Buckle; Better Ergonomic Design

Case Back

Tropic Style Caseback with Limited Edition Serial Number