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Passion to Perfection

Started as a passion project of watchmakers, engineers and architects from all walks of life, Evant has gone on to make a name for herself with trendy dive watches like the sold-out Tropic Diver and the Decodiver.

Vintage Modernity

A Journey In Time

A timeless infusion of modern style and vintage charm.

Evant offers an exquisite selection of timepieces with each component made exclusively by leading watchmakers and manufacturers from all over the globe. Each watch is crafted to fit comfortably on any wrist and strives to live up to Evant’s intriguing ethos.

Backing up the high quality of each Evant timepiece is a 2-year warranty.

A New Direction

This year, Evant comes back with the much-anticipated watch collection which seamlessly fuses modern designs with vintage touches. Discover these incredible futuristic timepieces that redefine Evant’s classic style and seek out your perfect diving companion.


Majestic pothole aesthetic created by a dateless steampunk dial with a curved inner ring

Distinct lugs

Shiny bombé lugs that are reminiscent of the vintage 70s case designs


Filled with Super-LumiNova that glows bluish-green in the dark

Polestar Series

Explore the Polestar Series, an all-new collection of reliable watches that will grab the spotlight with their bold oceanic aesthetics.


A blend of modern style and historic design elements

Case back

12 porthole grooves encircling a helmet emblem and unique serial number

Evant Buckle

316L Stainless Steel designed for a perfect wrap around the wrist

Strap On

Quality leather straps do not come cheap. Well usually.

We know how important a quality leather strap is to a quality watch. Thankfully, one of Evant's founder is German and being in the leather trade for generations, we are able to source for the best of leather craftsmen at a very competitive price.

Evant straps are Handmade In Germany using the best of hides and tanning processes.

Similar quality German handmade leather straps are probably found for many times our price.

Made In Germany